Clearing your house - Lesson Three
by Joe Smith

I guess that is the right number. Any way the method I use is as follows:

You should have the extra set of plans already marked, (If you are following the lessons). In any case take the floor plans of your house and mark all the Det zones (Detrimental energy zone) and the water veins. Got that done??? 

Do that and then read the REST of the NEWS as Paul would say. Place your hand on the plans, left will do with your pendulum ready. Ask God (or your own term) and all the spirits of nature to remove the detrimental parts of all the zones and water veins for as long as your family needs them removed. If you desire any thing else within reason ask for that while you have their attention. Your pendulum , you should have ready, will start in a counter clockwise motion untill the bad stuff is gone. Then it will reverse into a clockwise motion to put what you ask for back in the

What no rebar?? no blue tape?? no wire?? no magnetics?? How can this work?? When you get through just check the house for all Det zones and you will see it did work. . When people send me maps this is what I do and it does work. 

The person ( Ralph) with the wet basement look on the north wall 14' from the NW corner, You will find a water vein. In a past lesson I showed you how to turn a vein.


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